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Power Quality

• The Activar is used for relatively stable loads such as commercial buildings, hospitals and data centers. The Activar is utilized for slow variations of reactive energy demand.

• The Equalizer is used for dynamic loads such as plastic injection/extrusion, auto industries, motor startup, port cranes and more. The Equalizer is utilized for fast or extremely fast variations of reactive power demand. Also available: Equalizer single phase and dual phase.

• While the structure of both systems is similar, the controllers are designed for real time controls and measurements for the Equalizer and slow response for the Activar . The following descriptions and explanations refer to the Equalizer System only.

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Equalizer Activar


Power quality is a term used to define any voltage, currentor frequency deviation which may result in failed equipment, process interruptions or power system inefficiency. These deviations can manifest themselves in harmonics, power factor, voltage sags/ swells, voltage flickering, transients and many other forms. The equalizer from Elspec is an all-in-one device designed to fix power quality issues. The equalizer is typically installed near the main service and major distribution panels.

Voltage Sags (voltage Drops, Under –Voltage)

Voltage sag, also known as voltage dips or under-voltage are mostly caused by local loads, either during motor startup or by rapid changing loads. This condition is characterized by low power factor and high reactive energy demand. The Elspec Equalizer’s ultra-fast technology is designed to act in these specific conditions. It connects all required capacitor banks in 2/3 cycle typical (1/4 – 1 cycle max.), compensating for the total reactive energy of the event. Moreover, it changes the direction of the voltage drop vector to minimize the sag. As a result, the voltage sag is minimized and in many cases, even eliminated.

Voltage Flicker

Voltage Flicker is defined as fast, repetitive voltage fluctuation normally associated with rapid loads, such as spot welders. The Equalizer’s control technology connects and disconnects all required capacitor banks in 2/3 cycle typical (1/4-1 cycle max.), allowing to effectively reduce the flicker to acceptable levels.

Power factor

In many cases, low power factors result in higher utility bills, penalties and increase in demand charges. They also cause system energy losses, overheating, higher maintenance costs and low service utilization. The Elspec Equalizer is the foremost solution for dynamic low power factor correction. It eliminates utility penalties, contributes to saving energy and reduces maintenance costs, and also maximizes service utilization.

Harmonics (Non linear loads )

High harmonic voltages and currents cause significant energy losses and overheating. It could dramatically increase site vulnerability to failures or fire risk.

Spikes (Transients)

Spikes can generate significant damage to the equipment, and produce unpredicted power supply failures with a degradation of the capacitors. The equalizer solution uses transient-free switching technology to eliminate all spikes associated with conventional capacitor switching. The results are longer capacitor life expectancy, less maintenance and better network reliability

Service Utilization

Higher service utilization is a constant wish of all electricity users, whether the power is provided by the utility, generators or other local generation such as wind turbines. By using the equalizer the existing service utilization may dramatically increase by reducing the average current and stabilizing current fluctuations. Existing installations show service utilization increases of up to 60%.

Voltage Control

In addition to power factor and other power quality issues, there is sometimes a need to maintain voltage levels within certain limits due to sensitive equipment or other facility requirements. The Equalizer voltage control option offers 6 different voltage control levels. The voltage control operates in parallel with the power factor control and in fact, complements it.

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3-Phase EMC/EMI Line Filter

-Compensation current: 0 to 300A
-Frequency: 47 to 63Hz
-Harmonic mitigation: THID < 5%, THID adjustable
-Voltage: up to 690VAC

Glal or selective sompensation of harmonic currents up to the 50th order Compensation of displacement power factor
Load balancing capability
Response time of less than 300 microseconds
3-level topology with 20-30% lower losses(690V)

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3-Phase + Neutral EMC/EMI Line Filter

-Rated power: 4 to 400 kW(50Hz)/ 5 to 500Hp(60Hz)
-Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
-Harmonic mitigation: THID < 5%, < 10%, < 15%
-Voltage: up to 690VAC

The industry standard for 6-pulse rectifiers and motor drives
The most compact 5% THID filter available
Excellent behavior under partical load conditions
Filters for diode rectifiers

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Active Harmonic Filter

-Attenuation performance:standard, high, very high
-Motor power: 4 to 2000kW
-Operating frequency: up to 60Hz
-Rated current: 5 to 2500A
-Voltage: up to 690VAC

For industry standard EMC filter solutions
Off-the-shelf low to high power filter
Slim space-saving book-style housing
Solid safety connector blocks or optional wire output connections
From standard to excellent attenuation performance
Versions for IT distribution networks
Versions with low leakage current

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Passive Harmonic Filter

-Attenuation performance: standard, high, very high
-Motor power: 2.2 to 315kW
-Operating frequency: up to 60Hz
-Rated current: 3 to 600A
-Voltage: up to 520VAC
Compact filter for mains input of cabinets and control equipment

Compact filter for mains input of cabinets and control equipment
Designed for applications like machine tools to sensitive medical installations
Combines excellent attenuation with very low operating leakage current < 1mA
Solid touch-save terminal blocks up to 200 A


Power Quality Measurement Service

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The BlackBox portable series power quality analyzer takes power quality monitoring to a whole new level by using the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm. The unique algorithm enables you to measure, store & analyze (continuously) waveform signals regardless their size.

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The Pure BlackBox, an advanced Class A power quality analyzer embedded with PQZIP Technology, is an easy to use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without thresholds setting or recording configuration. The device is available in 2 versions: Single Phase, 3-Phase"

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